Oh-my-God!! Tsukumo and Touko from anime/manga Uragiri boku no namae o shitteiru always makes me wanna scream!! They are my most favorite pairing rite now. O///O
Touko and Tsukumo are very close sibling. they blush several times while they are alone. They also sleep on the same bed in the same room. they go to school together and Tsukumo´s fangirls are jealous because he only has eyes for Touko.
So in my opinion Touko and Tsukumo love each other..
Why are Touko and Tsukumo brother and sister? Are they really brother and sister?
I wonder if Odagiri sensei is also love incest besides shou-ai. #shot

Touko Murasame
Touko is paired with his younger brother to defeat duras. Her ring transforms in a huge sword. She attends the same high school as her brother, where their closeness make all the girls jealous of her.
Tsukumo Murasame
First year high school student who apparently loves sweets. His powers seem to be the ability to speak with animals, sense people, and transform his ring into a gun during a battle. For some reason he always has snacks with him. He seems to be extremely close with his older sister Toko, whom he calls Toko-chan and says he will always protect.

Tom Felton ♥

Tom Felton. Malfoy, British, actor, singer, guitarist, and BLONDE. What else could a girl asks for?? X3



Yay! I'm getting excited!!
Err... Ini tanggal 12 september kan? Itu berarti 6 hari lagi (tanggal 18 September 2010) saya dan para SasuSaku-nerd yang berdomisili di Jakarta akan mengadakan gathering kecil-kecilan yang paling dihadiri 5 orang lebih di salah satu spot favorite saya, Gramedia, tepatnya di Gramedia Matraman. Nggak banyak yang datang. Mengingat anak Jakarta yang tergabung di komunitas perfanfic-an Indonesia fandom Naruto itu juga nggak terlalu banyak. Apalagi memang acara ini mendadak banget. Malah awalnya cuma saya dan Kak LuthMelody saja yang berencana ketemuan. But still, I can't wait that days come!

how do you know...

We first met when I was 13.
I was crossing the road, and you saw me. I felt someone staring at me, so I turned to look.. and there you were, smiling at me but I looked away. A few months later, we spoke for the very first time. We told each other our likes, dislikes, and found out that we had a lot in common. The next week, I was walking back home, and I saw you on your scooter. With a girl. And you were holding her hand so tightly, it was as though you were never going to let go.
I reached home... sat down.. and all of a sudden...pain rushed through my entire body.. but I didn't cry.. all I could do was think to myself, why does this hurt so much? why did seeing him on his scooter with a girl hurt me so badly? why?

Then I realized.

Even after the first time we met, when you gave me your phone number, i couldn't stop thinking of you, and that smile of yours.
Did I fall in love? Maybe.

"We are soul-mates that weren't meant to end up together. If we had started at the very beginning, we might have been together for a lifetime" - Unknown

He made me laugh. He offered me so much. He was fun, handsome, caring. He made sure to remind me of what he had to "offer me" and how "lucky" I was. I had to support him and I had to admire him. I made sure I laughed when we talked, smiled when we were silent and despite the fact that my desperate attempts at pleasing him were taking over my entire life, I felt as though it was worth it.
That new boy, I don't know what will happen with us. I don't need to know right now though, because the fact that I'm feeling at all is beautiful for me. I don't need any sort of elaborate love story to save me, I just need hope.
And that boy, he's hope.
I will always love you. I will melt when you say my name. I will fold under your pressure. I will cry when we separate. In my dreams, in my nightmares, in my morning runs, you were there.

worth loving for


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