Oh-my-God!! Tsukumo and Touko from anime/manga Uragiri boku no namae o shitteiru always makes me wanna scream!! They are my most favorite pairing rite now. O///O
Touko and Tsukumo are very close sibling. they blush several times while they are alone. They also sleep on the same bed in the same room. they go to school together and Tsukumo´s fangirls are jealous because he only has eyes for Touko.
So in my opinion Touko and Tsukumo love each other..
Why are Touko and Tsukumo brother and sister? Are they really brother and sister?
I wonder if Odagiri sensei is also love incest besides shou-ai. #shot

Touko Murasame
Touko is paired with his younger brother to defeat duras. Her ring transforms in a huge sword. She attends the same high school as her brother, where their closeness make all the girls jealous of her.
Tsukumo Murasame
First year high school student who apparently loves sweets. His powers seem to be the ability to speak with animals, sense people, and transform his ring into a gun during a battle. For some reason he always has snacks with him. He seems to be extremely close with his older sister Toko, whom he calls Toko-chan and says he will always protect.

Tom Felton ♥

Tom Felton. Malfoy, British, actor, singer, guitarist, and BLONDE. What else could a girl asks for?? X3

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