It was her again. Just her. Nothing more, that could take up so much time and space in his brain. Space that was supposed to be filled with facts and figures for the following day's chemistry exam. But no. It was her.


Just how long ago had it been since he'd first met her? They were both young back then. And only inquisitive enough to find out each others' names. That was years ago. She'd just been another classmate. A quite annoying one, Nathan had to admit, but he had enough grace to let her alone with her giggly girl friends, while he spent his time with his friends, discussing work and things, like good grown-up boys do. But he'd soon come to realize that she was not so different from him as he'd thought. She also worked, and woke up at ungodly hours of the morning for interviews on topics girls her age should not even come into contact with. Did she have a choice? No more than he did, and that was none.

Then the years just skipped away like round stones on water, until it hit a dead stop at the bottom of the pond, which is where Nathan assumed he was stuck now, lest he grab a shovel and start digging himself even deeper. Somehow, he didn't think that was possible.

He shook his head, trying to empty it of the thoughts he knew full well he ought not to have, but could he help them? About just as much as one could help the rain to stop.

"Goddamnit… this is useless." He threw down the pencil in his hand. It clattered away across his desk. His hands automatically went to his forehead, shielding his eyes from the piercing light of his desk lamp. A light buzzing interrupted his fierce self-flagellation. Grabbing his phone from the drawer, Nathan looked at the display screen.

"New Mail. Sender: Sophie"

Nathan's breath caught in his chest. Her.

Flipping the phone open with much more enthusiasm than he'd displayed in the last 5 hours, he read the message.

'Dear Nathan, 

I was wondering if you could help me study for the Chemistry test tomorrow. I'm not very good at it, and I know you always get top marks. m(_ _)m I know you're busy, but I really need help.
Please? (^o^)/

Thanks in advance,

A smirk spread across Nathan's face as he looked up at the Chemistry text book lying before him. Quickly texting her back with a 'Hn. No problem. Let's meet at the Coffee Shop.', Nathan grabbed his bag, shoved the textbook into it and almost tripped his way down the stairs.

And as Nathan hugged the textbook tightly to his chest, he realized just how much he loved Chemistry all along.


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